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Tummy Tune Up

This is the perfect solution for an irritated or toxic GI system, as well as a seasonal clean up.  The products are designed to enhance digestion, cleanse the intestinal tract, increase and normalize bowel movements, improve gut flora, and decrease tension while improving circulation in the belly. 
The program is designed for two weeks although products may last beyond that time depending on individual needs.  4 Colonics and/or massage sessions should be scheduled intermittently throughout the two weeks. 
Common reasons to choose this package include:
• Seasonal tune up
• Bloating, Indigestion
• Reactivity to foods
• Sluggish or loose bowels
• Irritated Bowels
• Feeling toxic from overeating or eating poorly


Tummy Tonic: Take one dropper 15 minutes before each meal including snacks.  Bitter herbs enhance digestion. 

DiJu :  Take 10 pellets with each meal and at bedtime (increase or decrease according to bowel tolerance).  Soften congested intestinal material for easy removal.   

Smooth Passage +Fiber:  Take one tablespoon in 8 oz. of water on empty stomach upon rising.  STAY HYDRATED.  Cleanse and tone the intestines.  

Inner Fire Massage Oil: Massage into the abdomen at bedtime and before rising in the morning. Reduce abdominal tension, increase circulation in the organs and enhance the “digestive fire.

Pharmax HLC Intensive Take 1 capsule with evening meal to populate the intestines with good bacteria


Diju - Get your Juices Flowing

Pronounced “Dye-Joo” (from "digestive juices"), Diju aids elimination by helping the body to naturally secrete more digestive juices. Our clients rave about this product. This has been our top seller for more than ten years and for good reason.
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Smooth Passage Plus

Smooth Passage Plus is just like Smooth Passage with the addition of organic beet powder. This helps to thin bile thus better supporting natural parastaltic movement and healthy cholesterol levels.
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