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Venessa Wahler, ND

Naturopathic Consultations, Hypnotherapy, Colon Hydrotherapy, Electro-Lymphatic Therapy, Weight loss


dr wahler pic I offer comprehensive Naturopathic medical services and exams, diagnostic procedures and laboratory testing. I utilize both conventional and functional lab testing that ranges from basic blood work to more progressive tests and recognize the limitations and clinic relevance of each. Some of these tests include food allergy/sensitivity testing, digestive stool analysis, adrenal stress testing and reproductive hormone analysis, MTHFR genotyping, micronutrient testing and SIBO breath testing.

I have extensive experience in utilizing natural approaches to weight loss, the hCG diet, digestive and detoxification therapies and utilizing hypnotherapy to provide clients with the tools they need to create change within themselves.

My work serves clients that are seeking an integrative approach to healing the mind, body and spirit. I support those who are looking to optimize health and feel and look their best. I am committed to meeting each person where they’re at in their healing journey. I view healing as a dynamic process, unique to each individual, and recognize that underlying emotions and subconscious beliefs play a significant role in our overall health and well-being.

I grew up near Chicago and always knew I wanted to be a doctor. I began my medical career as a nursing assistant while in high school, deepening my passion for caring for others at this time. Studying both science and art in college led me to discover the art and science of natural medicine and moved to Seattle to pursue this path.  I love spending time with my husband and daughter, long-distance running and floral design. I enjoy reading and listening to more audible books than I care to admit to, especially pertaining to health, self-discovery and transformation.

I now offer remote consultation via our Virtual Clinic for those residing in Washington State. This provides increased flexibility for those needing access to individualized Naturopathic care to support a lifestyle that involves a much happier, healthier YOU!

Bachelor of Arts degree in Pre-Medicine and Biology, with minors in Biochemistry and Art, Augustana College
Doctorate of Naturopathic Medicine, Bastyr University
Licensed Naturopathic Physician 2007
Naturopathic IV certification 2010
Certified Hypnotherapist 2013
Colon Hydrotherapy Training, Kristi Zimmer 2016
Energy Psychology-Ongoing
Naturopathic Physician License NT60013242
Hypnotherapy Registration HP60418940



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