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Kristen Minke, LMP

Massage Therapy, Electro-Lymphatic Therapy

Kristen MinkeI offer Visceral, Swedish, and LomiLomi Massage as well as Electro Lymphatic Therapy.

My work best serves people who need an integrated approach that empowers them to understand their body and take control of what has been limiting them.

My special gift is a knowledge and skill base both broad and deep that allows me to paint a picture for clients, so they understand how to get better. This kind of partnership can be very motivating for people. Since my early dance training I have been fascinated with how the body works. Throughout my life I’ve struggled with allergies, headaches, GI issues, ADHD, and Dyslexia. Frequently, standard medical treatments didn’t help or made things worse. So, I went in search of a better way to heal or at least turn challenges to my advantage. And so I embarked on a path to a satisfying career in alternative health at Bastyr University. While there I studied: nutrition, exercise science, physical medicine, aromatherapy, and massage. My life continues to be a quest to learn more skills to assist people in their journey to optimal health.

In my free time I like to experiment with new Paleo and Vegan recipes to sneak even more vegetables into my day. For activity I learn new dance forms like Hula and Tribal Style, and I experiment with body weight and posture training that can be done anywhere. I also fold origami to create mobiles and I embellish clothing items with embroidery and beading. I like designing with Zen Doodles, henna or Scandinavian folk painting. To chill out I watch independent and foreign films or read young adult fiction by John Connely and others, or anything on brain science. I’m currently reviewing my French language skills and learning Spanish.


Certified Lymphedema Therapist for Complete Decongestive Therapy through Klose Training 2017
LomiLomi with Barbara Helen Heard 2016
Visceral Manipulation through Marty Ryan’s Love Your Guts Seminars 2016
Bindegewebs Connective tissue massage for abdominal organs and nervous system, Therapeutic Hand and Arm Massage, Therapeutic Lower Extremity Massage with Brian Utting 2016
Advanced Intraoral Techniques with Lauren Christman 2016
Certified Manual Lymphatic Drainage Therapist through Klose Training 2014
LomiLomi with Kim Hartley 2013
Head to Toe Alignment and Gait Analysis with Glen Desmond 2011
Aromatherapy, Marmassage, Abhyanga Ayurvedic Oil Massage Gene Juarez 2010
Intraoral Training for license endorsement with Pat O’Rourke 2009
Positional Release Techniques and Myofascial Release with BJ Erkan 2007
Systemic Deep Tissue and Advanced Deep Tissue with Gary Schweitzer 2005
Neuromuscular Therapy/Trigger Point Therapy with BJ Erkan 2004
Bastyr University Double Bachelors of Science in Nutrition and Exercise Science 2003
Bastyr University Aromatherapy, Ortho-Bionomy 2002
Bastyr University with Brenneke School of Massage Swedish, Injury Treatment, Deep tissue and pregnancy Massage Certificate 2001


Massage Practitioner License #MA00016054, since 2001

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