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Weight Management Program

Weight Management The Tummy Temple is proud to announce “Control It,” our first official weight management program! For years we have advised our clientele that the best way to lose or gain weight is to heal the digestive system, clean up the diet, eat healthy fats, balance the blood sugar and regulate the body’s stress response. We’ve seen this work time and time again. When clients understand and effectively address these issues they report that weight management is surprisingly easy and the quality of their overall health improves.

This program is designed to be a lifestyle adjustment that allows for sustainable progress. If you have struggled with keeping weight on or off in the past, then consider that some of the healthy fundamental concepts of weight management may have been missed in your approach. Fad diets or hormone-based programs can be very helpful for initial weight loss but are not meant for on-going weight management. Sustaining the success or breaking the plateaus of these programs can be challenging. This program can be used on its own or act as a compliment to other more intensive programs.

The basic principles that are addressed in this program are:

1. Heal the digestive system. Proper digestion leads to proper nourishment. The body extracts what it needs from food to function and restore itself. When hidden food sensitivities create inflammation or digestive functions are diminished food turns to poison inside. Systemic bloating and fat storage increase leaving you feeling congested and thick. On the other side of this spectrum is the person who becomes underweight with lowered immunity. These people generally have reactive bowels and can’t seem to take in any nourishment. Healing the digestive system is a primary goal for this program.

2. Improve metabolism. It takes fat to burn fat. Healthy essential fatty acids are ESSENTIAL. They ignite your body’s metabolism, improve brain function and moderate your immune system among many other things. Low fat diets can actually decrease your metabolism and immunity and create stagnation in your gall bladder. The key here is taking in good quality fats and avoiding denatured trans fats. Fish oils, flax oil, coconut oil, olive oil, walnut oil, avocados, nuts and seeds, pastured butter… what are you waiting for! Eat fat, manage your weight and heal your body!

3. Moderate your stress response. This is the most overlooked fundamental of all. We hear clients repeatedly report weight gain or loss during times of extreme stress. “I never had problems with my weight until last year when I lost my job and got a divorce.” This is no surprise. The adrenal glands (stress management glands) are largely responsible for how your body manages weight. Depending on their “fight or flight” hormonal activity your body will opt out of certain metabolic functions to be prepared for crisis. These hormones tell your body to digest or not, to rest and restore or not, to burn fat or not. Healing the stress response in your body and getting endocrine function back on track is essential to proper weight management.

This program was designed by a physician in California and manufactured and presented by Biotics Research in Texas.  Biotics Research is a world-class nutriceutical firm that we have been working with for 8 years as their products provide some of the best clinical results we have ever seen.  The Control-it program has been prototype tested in California for many years with proven lasting results.  It is simple, safe and may be used long term.

To learn more about this type of weight management consult with the Tummy Temple nutrition department. Products can be reviewed at www.tummytemple.com/store and can be purchased initially on location and online for repeat customers. Lead therapists for this program are Heidi N. Ochsner MS CN and Dr. Lisa Valent ND.

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