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Discounts of the Month:

Electrolymphatic Therapy Discounts

Enjoy internship sessions at a discounted rate ($85-$120) with our newly trained Electro-lymphatic Therapy practitioners throughout the month of March. Dr. Venessa, Catherine and Sue bring their awesome hands on skillset to this highly decongestive therapy to kick off the Spring cleansing season.  Call 206-729-6211 for more information and to book your appointment now.

New Practitioner Discounts

$20 off full priced sessions with our new practitioners: Dr. Venessa, Sue and Catherine[does not include internship sessions & no double discounting]

Vitality Club Members get 20% off Decongestive Must-Haves*
It’s time to start clearing our elimination pathways and we are here to help you do just that. We are taking 20% off of these fabulous decongesting must-haves!

  • March ImageDiju – Our best selling bitter herbs soften and encourage easy release of old stagnant material from the colon. This stuff works.
  • Smooth Passage – Fiber mixed with soothing herbs help keep the colon moving while binding toxic bile. Let’s get it out!
  • Detox bath salts – Remove toxins through your skin while relaxing in a warm bath! What could be easier?!?
  • Dry skin brushes- Stimulate and decongest your lymphatic system to decrease toxic load and support the immune system. Plus it makes you skin look great!
  • Enema kits – Take matters into your own hands using our non-toxic stainless steel enema bucket with silicon tubing. We even have organic enema coffee and instructions to help!
  • Neti Pots – Breathe deep and prepare for spring using this ancient yogic technic of sinus rinsing. Your nose knows this is a good idea!

Not a Vitality Club member? Join now to enjoy next month's deals

*Gift certificates are not discounted.

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Products of the Month:


Tummy Temple’s 100% Organic Pure Essential Oils! 

Our high quality therapeutic essential oils can be used in diffusers, body products, soap making, or directly on the skin in carriers such as coconut oil or shea butter.

  • Spike Lavender is less floral than regular lavender. Great for stress, anxiety, sleep, headaches, aches & pains and as an expectorant.
  • Eucalyptus can quickly help clear lungs and sinuses! It’s cooling quality is also great for muscular pain.
  • Grapefruit is energizing with antimicrobial with detoxifying and lymph supportive properties. Smells great mixed with cypress.
  • Cypress is grounding with big tree earthiness and also very lymph supportive. Smells great mixed with grapefruit!
  • Peppermint is our go to oil for digestive complaints and nausea. Amazing for headaches and cooling muscular aches and pains.

We love using our essential oils during sessions so come in and find out which you like best!

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Events of the Month  (classes & gatherings)

Join us every first Thursday at 12:00pm and 7:30pm for our Seasonal Class Series held in the beautiful and cozy Serenity Lounge!


Use Janell small version

[April 6- Springy-Clean Detox: Tune in, Turn on, Clear out!]

with Janell Hartman

We’ve built the foundations, opened the exit doors…ready for deep cleaning!
Whether you’ve been following along with this year’s progressive course, or just joining us on the journey, this class can help you dive into your body’s systems and clear out the gunk in safe, effective, time-tested ways. Ever wanted to be better friends with your liver? We’ll get in-depth and intimate by exploring the form, function and care of the hardest working organ on your team. Discussion around emotional/psychological layers will be woven in, as detox goes so much deeper than just the physical.
We're looking forward to gathering for this fun and informative class!

Topics include:

--Detox theory and strategy
--Learn all about your amazing liver!
--Tummy Temple Supportive services and products
--Wisdom, tips and tricks from Ayurveda and Traditional Chinese Medicine
--3rd Chakra (Manipura or “solar plexus”) balance
--Featured restorative yoga posture + easy pranayama (breath work) for cleansing

*10% OFF all products purchased and your next session booked during the event.

Call to sign up today!   206.729.6211


[gathering] A Guided Meditation CircleCreating Space for the Light. Supporting Our Transformation
(an enriching & FREE gathering, donations welcome)

Facilitated by Helen Lowe, grounded in the body, powered by the community

  • Deepen or begin your meditation practice
  • Nourish the body and access quiet wisdom of soul
  • Receive the gifts of heart-opening comm-unity

Join Helen in the Serenity Lounge from 7:30 to 8:45pm Mondays:
APRIL: 3, 10, 17, 24

MAY: 1, 22, 29

JUNE: 5, 12, 19, 26

(Please plan to arrive by 7:20pm)
FEE:Your donations are warmly welcomed, but not required to attend.

Click here for more information and to reserve your place.

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Image credits: Background with hand draw human pelvis by Merfin

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