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April Discounts:

New Practitioner Discounts-- EXTENDED!

$20 off full-priced sessions with Dr. Venessa ND, and Kristen, LMP
$10 off full-priceds sessions with Sue, LMP, Catherine, LMP and Lauren, LMP  [no double discounting]

Vitality Club Members get 20% off Liver Support Supplements*
Our favorite liver support supplements are 20% off this month. They will give your liver the support it needs to get your body’s spring cleaning done!

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  • Livotrit Plus – A strong combination of Ayurvedic and Western herbs to support liver detoxification. We highly recommend taking Beta TCP at the same time.

  • Beta TCP – A beet concentrate to thin out thick congested bile from the liver and gallbladder. It’s the perfect addition to any liver cleanse. This will help head off uncomfortable detox reactions and keep you in the game. Beta TCP is also a must have for anyone with gallbladder congestion.

  • MCS2 – Metabolic Clearing Support 2 is a combination of vitamins, minerals and herbs specific for the second (often overlooked) phase of liver detoxification.

  • Liver Cleanse – A synergistic botanical blend for the liver, gallbladder and kidneys that can be used at a lower dosage for an extended period or at a higher dosage for a stronger short term cleanse.

  • Hepacaps – A unique mixture of herbs to simultaneously promote liver and gallbladder health as well as soothing gastrointestinal support.

  • Castor Oil Packs or Roll On – When applied to the skin castor oil can increase circulation and lymph movement while decreasing congestion in the pelvis and organs of the abdomen including the liver! It can also help soften and break up scar tissue, adhesions and fibroids.

  • Dandy Blend-The dandy-est way to support your liver! This dandelion root blend has the rich, full-bodied flavor without the caffeine or acidity of regular coffee. Plus it has prebiotics that feed our good bacteria! Enjoy it hot or cold; on its own or mixed in with a MediClear shake.  Please note: this product is gluten free, but contains rye and barley extract.


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*Gift certificates are not discounted.

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Events of the Month  (classes & gatherings)

HAPPY re-BIRTH-day Tummy Temple!

Friday May 12 from 4:00pm-7:00pm

Tummy Temple is entering its 15th year in business this year and we want you to guide our evolution.  Seattle is growing and so must we!  It's time to decide on a new logo, expand to a second location, provide remote medical care through our Virtual Clinic and launch our product line that has developed through the years.  Your input matters, so come cast your vote and share your thoughts!  Or just bask in the fun, but do come.

This is a true community building event!  Bring your friends, family and all the Temple curious people you can rally to join in the fun and celebration of our local, independent business!  As always, the Templers will be ready with demo's, raffles, product samples and lots of healing hugs and good vibes!



Temple WISE: Ask a Templer!

Thursday, May 4th from 12:00-1:00pm (one time only this day) in the Tummy Temple Serenity Lounge,  or… live-streaming on our Facebook page!


Team-0117This journey of health can be quite complex. Even with all the forms of information we have access to, how can we connect the dots and apply it to our own experience? Seeking guidance from trusted experts can be just the thing you need to gain perspective and move forward in an effective way.
To celebrate the spirit of community learning the art of wellness together, AND our upcoming Tummy Temple 15th Re-Birthday party and Open House, we’re assembling a panel of seasoned Tummy Templers representing the spectrum of our offerings to discuss and answer YOUR questions.
In this forum—held upstairs in our Serenity Lounge and classroom, you can ask questions directly, anonymously (written down and drawn from a bowl), or submit questions in real-time via Facebook where the class will be streamed live on our Tummy Temple page!
Start your gears turning… what do you want to explore?

Join us every first Thursday for our Seasonal Class Series held in the beautiful and cozy Serenity Lounge!

 *10% OFF all products purchased and your next session booked during the event.

Call to sign up today!   206.729.6211


[gathering] A Guided Meditation CircleCreating Space for the Light. Supporting Our Transformation
(an enriching & FREE gathering, donations welcome)

Facilitated by Helen Lowe, grounded in the body, powered by the community

  • Deepen or begin your meditation practice
  • Nourish the body and access quiet wisdom of soul
  • Receive the gifts of heart-opening comm-unity

Join Helen in the Serenity Lounge from 7:30 to 8:45pm Mondays:

MAY: 1, 22, 29

JUNE: 5, 12, 19, 26

(Please plan to arrive by 7:20pm)
FEE:Your donations are warmly welcomed, but not required to attend.

Click here for more information and to reserve your place.

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