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May Discounts:

New Practitioner Discounts

$20 off full-priced sessions with Kristen, LMP
$10 off full-priceds sessions with Lauren, LMP  [no double discounting]

Vitality Club Members get 20% off Tummy Temple Brand Prodcuts*
Choose from essential oils, Magnesium, cleansing prep kits, Castor Oil packs, organic aloe, Happy Bum Balm, time-tested Diju herbs and Smooth Passage and more!  Stock up this month and save big!


  •  Diju- Short for Digestive Juices – These bitter herbs stimulate digestive juices helping optimize digestion and soften fecal matter for a better clearing of the colon. Common Uses: constipation, regulate bowel movements, normalize bowel tone and gentle cleansing.

  • Intesti-Soothe - Healing anti-inflammatory herbs sooth the lining of the intestines and help slide things out. Combined with a beet concentrate to support bile movement out of the liver and gallbladder. Common uses: gut inflammation, food sensitivities, constipation (when fiber is not tolerated).

  • Smooth Passage- Fiber mixed with soothing herbs and beet concentrate to help keep the colon moving while binding toxic bile. Common uses: constipation, detoxification, gut inflammation.

  • Temple Biotics - Our multi-strain probiotics are foundational for not only a healthy GI tract and immune system but for the entire body as well.  Good bacteria help decrease gut inflammation, fight off bad microbes, move the gut, strengthen the walls of the intestines and metabolize toxins before they even enter the bloodstream.  Common Uses: constipation, diarrhea, gas, bloating, immune support, inflammation, gut rebuilding, yeast infections, flora imbalances.

  • Tummy Temple Tonics - Our tonics are all hand made using traditional Mayan herbs from Rosita Arvigo that are wild crafted or organically grown in the rain forests of Belize.

  • Aloe Gel and Juice, - Our anti-inflammatory, soothing aloe is organic, cold-pressed, enzymatically alive and non-laxative. This is the freshest aloe available - harvested when we place our order! Common uses: gut and systemic inflammation, skin nourishing, digestive support.

  • Temple Calm - Magnesium is an important mineral supporting proper bowel function, relaxation of muscles and blood vessels, bone and tooth health, and the creation of ATP for energy.  Common Uses: constipation, sleep aid, muscle relaxer.

  • Castor Oil Packs – From the castor bean. Our clean castor oil increases circulation and lymph movement in the abdomen and pelvis. It is anti-inflammatory and helps break down scar tissue, adhesions and fibroids. Common Uses: decreasing congestion in reproductive organs, improve digestion, detox/drainage of liver and abdominal organs.

  • Tummy Temple Essential Oils - Our high quality therapeutic essential oils can be used in diffusers, body products, soap making and directly on the skin in carriers such as coconut oil or shea butter.

  • Tung Elixir – Essential oils of peppermint and cinnamon. These tiny vials contain over 100 servings and are super strong! Common Uses: clear detox breath, clear sinuses, stimulate digestive juices.

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*Gift certificates are not discounted.

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Events of the Month  (classes & gatherings)

TempleWise: Move It!

dance 1dance 2

With Janell Hartman

Thursday June 1 12:00pm* and 7:30pm

Spring is in full swing! The natural world has returned to movement and expansion, and as creatures of the natural world, we’re invited to join the dance!
Blood, lymph, organs, muscles, bones and glands—even your brain, need smooth Chi (vital energy) circulation to develop, process and transform. Proper exercise done consistently can be just the thing to get things flowing in the right direction.
From chair yoga, to high intensity training, this month’s Temple Wise class will explore the science behind metabolism, and a myriad of fitness options with the goal of accommodating every BODY.
We’ll learn about the benefits of core strength, and even share an all-levels’ demo to help kick-start or fine-tune your own routine.
Whether your goal is weight loss, structural support, mental well-being--or all the above, Tummy Temple has the products and supportive services you need to be successful.
We’re looking forward to this fun and informative class. Learning and healing together as a community is what Tummy Temple is all about!

This month’s class will focus on:
• the science of metabolism, healthy stress (aka: challenge) and muscle recovery
• how to determine what type of exercise meets your needs
• dozens of fun fitness options, DIY as well as guided all-levels' core-strength demo
• HCG weight loss protocol explained by Dr. Venessa (12:00 class only)
• Chinese Medicine and Ayurvedic perspectives

*Log in to watch the 12:00 class Live on our Facebook page!  

Use Janell small version 

Janell Hartman

Dr. Venessa Wahler




Call to sign up today!   206.729.6211


[gathering] A Guided Meditation CircleCreating Space for the Light. Supporting Our Transformation
(an enriching & FREE gathering, donations welcome)

Facilitated by Helen Lowe, grounded in the body, powered by the community

  • Deepen or begin your meditation practice
  • Nourish the body and access quiet wisdom of soul
  • Receive the gifts of heart-opening comm-unity

Join Helen in the Serenity Lounge from 7:30 to 8:45pm Mondays:
MAY: 1, 22, 29

JUNE: 5, 12, 19, 26

(Please plan to arrive by 7:20pm)
FEE:Your donations are warmly welcomed, but not required to attend.

Click here for more information and to reserve your place.

 Image Credit Shutterstock: Happy girl jumping with colorful toy balloons outdoors. Young woman having fun in green spring field against blue sky background. Freedom concept  By Sunny studio

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