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July Discounts:

New Practitioner Discounts--extended!

$20 off full-priced sessions with Kristen, LMP
$10 off full-priceds sessions with Lauren, LMP  [no double discounting]

Vitality Club Members get 20% off Gut-Brain Products*
This month we have 20% off supplements that support your Enteric Nervous System’s gut brain connection!

july supps

  • Temple Biotics: Good bacteria and a foundational part of keeping a healthy gut brain connection. We literally can’t live well without them. [coupon code: VitalityJuly for 20% off].
  • Motilpro**: Helps heal and increase GI nerve signaling so your brain can tell your body when it’s time to go (to the bathroom that is ☺)
  • 5HTP Synergy**: Contains 5HTP, the precursor to serotonin (the happy neurotransmitter). More serotonin is made in the gut than in the brain – hence the food/mood connection.
  • Finest Pure Fish Oil**: Help decrease inflammation in the gut while feeding the good omega 3 fats to your brain – yum!

Not a Vitality Club member? Join now to enjoy the deals

*Gift certificates are not discounted.

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Events of the Month  (classes & gatherings)

TempleWise: Beauty Blooms!

with Janell Hartman and Christina Sarver*

Thursday August 3

classes at 12:00pm and 7:30pm


Ahhhh…look at all the summertime flowers. Open petals, brilliant colors, timeless elegance. Tap into your own natural flower power this month at Tummy Temple as we explore beauty from the inside out.

We know that clear and glowing skin starts inside--in the gut, so we’ll get in-depth on supportive self-care habits, products and services here at the Temple that can help boost our innate radiance. Understanding the nature of skin on a surface level can also be helpful in tending to its changing needs, especially in relation to sun exposure during these hot summer months.

For a special treat, Tummy Temple’s very own Christina Sarver will teach a brightening lymphatic facial self-massage technique, share some skin care tips, and show us how to mix up some fabulous homemade facial care potions using Tummy Temple products. We’ll even have a special in-house spa facial party using some of what we make!

With a finishing flourish of Heart Chakra focus and a group chant, this class will be truly beautiful!

topics covered:

*Gut/skin connection
*Science of skin! Care in the sun and through the aging process
*Chinese facial reading basics (aka: pimple-pattern diagnostics)
*lymphatic facial self-massage routine
*Heart Chakra connection and chanting
*hands-on DIY natural face potions + spa party

This class is suitable for both men and women.
*Christina will join us for noon class only. Janell will cover all portions of the evening class.


Use Janell small version

Join us each first Thursday of each month for our seasonal class offering
with Janell Hartman

image credit: by paul morris courtesy of unsplash

Call to sign up today!   206.729.6211



[gathering] A Guided Meditation Circle:  

Facilitated by Helen Lowe, grounded in the body, powered by the community

Meditation Mondays will take a break for the summer months (July- August). Fall classes TBA.

Click here for more information and to reserve your place.


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