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24-Hour Discount Club

Sign up to receive notification of "last miniute" appointment openings, available to book at a discount! When you join our 24-Hour Discount Club you'll receive no more than 3 texts or email messages per week, annoucing our highest level discounts on sessions available in the near term (usually within 24 hours).

These openings go quickly, so notificaiton via text message is recommended over email, however the choice is yours! If you'd like to receive BOTH text and email alerts, then you will need to fill out this form twice (once with email and the other with your cell phone number, as described below).

Intructions for Email Alerts:

  1. Simply fill in the form below

Instructions for Text Alerts:

  1. Go to this site (http://www.freecarrierlookup.com/) to quickly convert your 7-digit cell phone number to an "MMS Gateway Address"
  2. Copy that "MMS Gateway Address" and paste it into the form below INSTEAD of your email address

OR, if you'd prefer to manually convert your cell phone number into an MMS Address then...

  1. Review the list below to identify the address of you cell phone carrier 
  2. Input your cell phone number (without any dashes, only digits!), followed by your cell carrier's address into the form below, instead of your Email address

For example, if your cell number is 206-555-1212 and your carrier is Verizon, then you'd enter This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  into the form instead of your Email. Note that if you input any dashes (-) the process will NOT work.

List of Carrier Addresses:

Verizon = @vtext.com 
Sprint = @messaging.sprintpcs.com OR @pm.sprint.com 
ATT = @txt.att.net 
TMobile = @tmomail.net
Virgin = @vmobl.com
Nextel = @messaging.nextel.com 
Qwest = @qwestmp.com 
UScellular = @email.uscc.net 
AllTel = @message.alltel.com 
SunCom = @tms.suncom.com 
Powertel = @ptel.net 
Metro PCS = @MyMetroPcs.com 
Mobi = @mobipcs.net 

Note: Within each message you receive from us you will find the option to opt-out of future mailings. Your contact information is kept confidential and is not shared with or sold to anyone.

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