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Vitality Club

FREE Cleansing 101 Classes!

 Wednesday, March 11th 7:00-8:00pm
Thursday, March 26th 12:30-1:30pm

Join us in March for free introductory classes on how and why to cleanse this season!  Dr. Lisa Valent, ND will discuss diet, supplements, lifestyle, and services to support cleansing, as well as provide great information to help you choose which type of cleanse is right for you!  

PLEASE CALL 206-729-6211 to RSVP and reserve your spot!

March Member Benefits*

Vitality Club Specials
20% Off Bath and Body Self-Care Products** (selection of dry skin brushes, candles, massage oils, bath salts, and more)

Freshen Up Program

• Take the Cleanse Prep Kit for 3 days (includes a 3 day supply of Diju and Smooth Passage Fiber) $9.99 plus tax
• Complete a Colon Hydrotherapy* ($90-$120) and Electrolymphatic Therapy* ($90-$120) combo session.
• Receive a FREE quart of Tummy Temple Organic Aloe Gel ($22.99 value!) to complement your cleansing program (when the above are purchased at the same time).

*Must be a member before 2/28/15 to be eligible for this month's discounts.  No double discounting.  Discount must be requested at time of checkout, all sales are final. Discount terms are included in Vitality Club Discounts email.

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Diju - Get your Juices Flowing

Pronounced “Dye-Joo” (from "digestive juices"), Diju aids elimination by helping the body to naturally secrete more digestive juices. Our clients rave about this product. This has been our top seller for more than ten years and for good reason.
Learn more about Diju and digestive health...

Smooth Passage Plus

Smooth Passage Plus is just like Smooth Passage with the addition of organic beet powder. This helps to thin bile thus better supporting natural parastaltic movement and healthy cholesterol levels.
Learn more about Smooth Passage Plus...

Just wanted to share with you this amazing moment I had. As you all know I am now in New Zealand. It is more than a little paranoid about biosecurity and there are so many different things one must "declare" when entering the country, including homeopathic/herbal products. To my parents shame and horror ("how could you do this to us, Sarah?") I was taken for a "chat" regarding my homeopathic first aid kit and TT [Tummy T...

Sarah Moscrop
2016 NE 65th St., Suite B (second floor), Seattle, WA 98115 :: 206-729-6211
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