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Our condolences to family, friends, peers
and clients of Jojie Natividad (1972-2014).
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Diju - Get your Juices Flowing

Pronounced “Dye-Joo” (from "digestive juices"), Diju aids elimination by helping the body to naturally secrete more digestive juices. Our clients rave about this product. This has been our top seller for more than ten years and for good reason.
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Smooth Passage Plus

Smooth Passage Plus is just like Smooth Passage with the addition of organic beet powder. This helps to thin bile thus better supporting natural parastaltic movement and healthy cholesterol levels.
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I always make it a priority to give myself Reiki each day, but since I met Shelly, I’ve incorporated NYR Organic into my self-care. The aromatic and botanical combinations of each product energetically balance out any stress I might have and return me to a balance state of mind!Some say beauty is skin deep, but NYR products go further and calm the nervous system, allowing the body and mind space for healing.

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